Social Care Services becomes sole UK provider of training & training accreditation for NISCP

After 3 years of impeccable service to the National Institute of Social Care Professionals (NISCP), Social Care Services (SCS) has been granted the contract to provide training and training accreditation for the NISCP throughout the UK.
Being part of the ever flourishing UKISO group, SCS has thrived on the substantial wealth of support and field expertise at its fingertips. This invaluable asset ensures the continued high quality of service they have been providing over the last few years.
This growing market place has becoming evermore discerning over the last decade. Because of this SCS ensure they offer the highest standard of service, back to back, with realistic affordability.
With ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 fast becoming 'The' Bench Mark for many local authorities and other care procurers, SCS have launched a package of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification, specifically designed for the care industry.
Mike Harford of Harmon Care says. 'SCS have provided my group of homes with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. They have been great to work with and led us through the whole process in a simple to understand manner, making us all feel at ease with process....... The efficiency of the homes has markably improved along with resident and staff morale........ We also use the SCS menu of care calculator which has helped us achieve more accurate fees for the care we provide for our clients leading to an average %15 rise in turnover'. These sentiment have been echoed by all the homes we have spoken too.
Paul Apps of UKISO told us ..'We have listened to our customers, taken into consideration the present economic climate and put together what we feel is the best package of services available to any company or organisation in the care industry today'.
Paul tells us that SCS is working on several other unique services to further support care homes and agencies.
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Peter Wells ('Independent' 23/10/2008)