Social Care Forum (Recent Entry)

We have just discovered a company called who have worked with NISCP and produced a very usfull tool called the 'menu of care'.

As a care home we were able to in put our running costs to obtain a fixed basic bed cost then we used a very easy to use page to indicate the individual residents care needs which calculated the time spent for each need ie grooming, incontinence and tranferes etc and added it to the basic then produces a very neat certificate clearly showing the costs of managing the individuals care needs. We now use this when charging privately and when taking on Council service users. With the help of this great system we are now receiving fees that truely reflects the time, care and support our residents needs....I would say on average our income has increased by about 15%...Believe it or not this service is totally free with no obligations attatched.

we are now opperating in the black with some left over for urgently needed training and a coat of paint.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else benifits from this.

I hope this helps