The Overview Single Assessment


The Single Assessment Process is part of the National Service Framework for Older People.  It was introduced to ensure that the NHS and social care services treat older people as individuals and enable them to make choices about their own care.  The aim is to make sure people's care needs are assessed thoroughly and accurately, but without procedures being needlessly duplicated by different agencies.  In keeping with current legislation, all older people who need access to social services must have an "Overview Single Assessment".

The Overview Single Assessment is carried out in accordance with a government table of risk and need called the FACS framework.  The framework defines four eligibility levels: Low, Moderate, Substantial and Critical.  At this point all local councils are obliged to provide service for any person whose needs or risks to health and safety are assessed as Substantial or Critical.  However, the actual services provided can vary between authorities depending on local policy and the funds available.  Those whose needs are assessed as Low or Moderate are monitored by means of an annual "Review".