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After working closely with hundreds of care homes over several years it has become very clear that the costs of caring for individuals in residential care can vary significantly from one client to another.

At present most homes use the outdated and often detrimental method of charging their local authority (and often individual users) a "one price fits all" set fee, which we know does not clearly reflect the time and resources spent caring for an individual user.

In many instances, especially where a user's dependency increases over time, homes are not receiving a fee which accurately reflects the needs of their residents.

Sadly, this has led to many cases of under trading, leaving homes with little if any funds for reinvestment and, at worst, the closure of homes due to lack of financial viability.

Because of this, we have worked alongside the NISCP and helped to create a mechanism that assists care home management to calculate a far more accurate cost of an individual's unique care requirements.  Our MENU OF CARE© calculator allows you to create, in just a few seconds, a unique menu of care for an individual user that accurately reflects the true costs of caring for that individual.  This can be downloaded as a PDF file that can be printed for use when negotiating fees with social services and private clients.  Your menus of care are saved in our secure database and can be revised or deleted at any time.

To use our MENU OF CARE© calculator, you will need to create your own unique Menu of Care Template.  We make this as easy as possible for you.  Simply enter the fixed costs associated with your business, and our software calculates the basic costs of running one bed for one week at your establishment.  Next, enter the number of care-minutes associated with various care needs, such as incontinence, assisting a user to moblise, or to wash, etc.  You can enter your own values for these or just use the default values we provide.  And that's it!  You're now ready to create extremely accurate menus of care simply by clicking a few buttons.

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