Induction - NISCP Accredited

NISCP Certification

Staff motivation and retention are important concerns in all businesses and most business experts agree that the development of an effective and motivated team begins with the all important induction process.  This is the formal process designed to welcome new team members and prepare them for their role within the company.  A well-designed induction process paves the way for sustainable staff relations and a healthy and cooperative working environment.

We can help you to develop and implement a bespoke induction process tailored for your business.  This will give each new employee the confidence of recognition and the satisfaction of completing a required standard within the first twelve weeks of their employment.  A certificate of achievement, accredited by NISCP, will be issued to each candidate as formal recognition of their achievement, affording them deserved confidence and pride while they go about their daily tasks and a sense of belonging to a well-organised and professional team.

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