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One of our team of highly experienced and empathetic assessors will come to the home of the client and carry out a fully independent assessment or review of the clients care and support needs. We will then generate a full report of those needs and work with the client to create an appropriate care plan to meet those needs. We will then propose an agreed care package.

We will then offer impartial advice to help you meet those needs independently.

This may include referring the client to local support groups or charities which offer assistance.

We will then, if necessary, present the care plan and proposed care package to your local authority Older Persons Services Department for the purpose of a revision of your existing care package.

In the unlikely event that your local OPS do not totally agree with our findings we will work with them and you to come to a mutually satisfying resolution to the outstanding issues.

In 90% of cases, SCS recommendations are accepted on presentation and additional services are implemented within 5 working days of approval from the local authority Older People Services Panel decision.

Recent success stories include:

  • 1 hour a day extra domiciliary support and 2 days per week supported visits to a local day centre for Mrs A (East Sussex)
  • ½ Hour a day assistance with personal care and a bath lift for Mrs B (London)
  • 2 weeks respite care and 1½ hours per day extra domiciliary and care support for Mr J (London)
  • The installation of a level access shower and a toilet frame for Mr B (Kent)
  • A move to supported housing and electric wheel chair for Mrs M (East Sussex)
  • New hand rails and a stair lift and the installation of a personal alarm system for Mr P (Herts)


  • Just an extra half hour per day assistance is worth £2,458 per year.
  • The installation of a level access shower can be up to £14,000.
  • The installation of a stair lift can be up to and sometimes over £7,000.
  • Just 1 day per week at a day centre can cost over £2,000 per year

We can help you achieve the extra support you need from as little as £268.00 a maximum of £540.00

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